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Why should I start making online videos?

Why should I start making online videos?

Howdy! I assume that you felt that tingle. The tingle of excitement connected to the thought of making a video and uploading it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram or a different platform. You found yourself asking “Why should I start making online videos?”. And I’ve got the answers below:

You’ll have lots of fun with your friends

Making online videos is a lot of fun! Especially when have good company. It’s better than doing it alone. Of course, it will take twice as long, but at the end of the day the sense of doing something creative in a community is worth the time spent. And you’ll laugh your head off.

soldier kicking a log in a forest
Picture taken on set of this video. Moments before my friend kicked a log mid-air. He said the pain was real
boy wearing boxing gloves
Scene from this video. The guys were sleeping on the floor waiting for the air raid-siren to stop. We didn’t notice that one of our friends was wearing boxing gloves in the scene and so it made it to the final video.

It’ll give you a reason to do crazy stuff

Tim Ferriss in his book called The 4 Hour Workweek used the term Adventure Deficit Disorder. What he meant by this is that adults tend to fall into the mundane routine of working, eating and sleeping. Therefore they don’t seek for excitement and are chronically unhappy and unfulfilled.

Sad, sad people

What does this have in common with our main question?

“Why should I start making online videos?”

person in a trash bag on set
Three of my friends. One of them is holding a sprinkler. The second one is inside a trash bag and the third one is digging a hole in the ground. Don’t worry, it was just for a short film

What if I told you that making online videos is a great way to escape your comfort zone. You may do something crazy once and have it on the Internet to rewatch whenever you feel like it! So why not spare one afternoon for making a car chasis out of cardboard and going to a drive thru in it? Or why not sled down a ski slope? That’s what me and my friend Brigit Storm once did.

By the way – Brigit is a phaenomenal musician.

Check out her work at

It’ll boost your creativity

We hardly ever do creative stuff on a day to day basis. Making online videos is a great way to practice problem solving and improve your creativity. In fact – that’s what this blog is all about!!!

You’ll improve your skills as a storyteller, camera operator and video editor

The first video you make will most likely be so so. But as people, we learn best on our own mistakes and the mistakes you made in your first video won’t be present in the next one. Filmmaking is a fun process of learning. I promise that people will marvel at your works with their jaws down on the floor if only you don’t loose patience on your way.

soldier carrying wounded man
Notice that the soldier being carried is wearing sport shoes. What a fail…
This scene taught me to pay attention to every detail of every actor’s clothing

You’ll create an online portfolio for future freelance jobs

The videos you upload to Youtube will most likely be seen by a lot of people. And the videos you’ll spend the most time on could be the ones you’ll send to companies offering to shoot something similar for them. Why not make money doing something you enjoy?

In this day and era, where online marketing is the key to sales, most small businesses long for a trendy, well paced video. Why? Because it creates an amicable image of the company. That’s why the videos you create for pure fun may be the most valuable ones in your portfolio!

You’ll feel fulfilled, and less afraid of death

Have you ever felt afraid of death? Everyone has. It is a hard topic, but realizing that we have no control over the flow of time is kinda intimidating. We, humans are control freaks. And time is one variable in our life which we have no control over. We, however, do have control over how we spend the time we have. The videos you upload on the internet will most likely be there long after you. So why not create something amazing?

You’ll get tons of feedback

“Why should I start making online videos?” – because of how easy it is to get feedback!

The Internet is one of the most groundbreaking tools for artists. Never before has it been this easy to exhibit your works to the entire world! Moreover, never before could you get your audience’s feedback this fast! How can you not be a content creator yet, having such a wonderful and FREE tool?

Your videos may go viral (and some probably will)

Back in high school we had a task to perform a presentation on what to do in case of radioactive contamination. Me and my friends however decided to shoot an instructional video on the subject. For some reason the video now gets over 600 views a month and is currently at 31.000 views. For a fun and short high school video! Here it is:

This video was probably targeted right, since apparently a lot of people are searching for “What to do in case of a nuclear emergency”

You may be able to turn a passion into a lifestyle.

Still not convinced? Still asking yourself

“Why should I start making online videos?”

What if I told you that it’s really easy to turn your storytelling, video shooting and editing skills into gold? People are willing to pay for capturing important moments of their lifes and videos, which they can use for marketing their product, service or company. Start learning today, and live off your skills in 3 years. Success doesn’t come overnight, but 3 years is more than a realistic time span.

That’s all for this week. I really appreciate that you made it all the way here 🙂

Until next week!


How to make a puddle of blood that expands

How to make a puddle of blood that expands

Have you ever wanted to shoot a scene where one of your actors gets shot in the head or trips and in the following scene they are lying on the floor in a puddle of blood? In this article you’ll learn how to make the “puddle of blood” effect at home!

More specifically, you’ll learn how to make a puddle of blood that expands as if the actor was bleeding out.

What you’ll need

You’ll need a few particular things to pull off this effect:

  • Fake blood
  • A rubber hose
  • Hot glue
  • An empty plastic bottle (at least 1l of volume)
  • A pair of scissors or a knife
  • And an actor who doesn’t mind getting their hair and clothes dirty

The fake blood

There are 2 ways of getting fake blood:

Buying it off the Internet

You can easily get fake blood from Amazon. It comes in different sized containers. Make sure you choose a product that isn’t gelatine-based. Why? Because you don’t want it to thicken over time.

Gallon of fake blood
Check out this one I found on Amazon:

Making the blood yourself

Preparing fake blood is a simple process. It can be done in many different ways. Here’s a video by Thaitrick I found on the subject:

For the purpose of making a puddle of blood under your actor’s head, make sure your blood isn’t too thick. It should be as runny as in the video. Otherwise it would be hard to get the blood through the hose.

Fun fact: Alfred Hitchcock used Boso Chocolate Syrup as fake blood in his movie “Psycho”. After all, the film was black and white.

The dispenser for fake blood

Now this is the fun part for all of you engineers! You’ll make a device, which will make our pond of blood slowly grow.

For this part you’ll need :

Scissors, plastic bottle, hot glue and a hose
  • A rubber hose – the smaller its diameter, the slower the flow
  • A big plastic bottle (at least 1l)
  • A pair of scissors or a knife
  • A hot glue gun
  • A rod of hot glue

Plug the hot glue gun in before the assembly, since it takes a while for it to heat up.

How to assemble it step by step:

First of all, empty the plastic bottle and cut it approximately in half of its length.

Cutting a plastic bottle in a striped t-shirt
This will be the top of your funnel

Secondly, make a hole in the bottle cap. Make sure it’s at least as big as the inner diameter of the hose. Otherwise the blood flow will be sluggish.

Making a hole in a bottle cap
Put the cap on a surface and push one end of the scissors on its middle. Don’t do it against your hand!

Thirdly, cut the rubber hose to the desired length – 1 meter will work just fine for closeup shots of the head. In contrast, use a longer piece if you’d like to show the entire actor lying on the floor.

Cutting a rubber hose with scissors
And snip!

Finally, glue one end of the hose to your bottle cap. Above all, bear in mind not to get glue inside the hole. It will block the blood flow. If, however, you managed to get the glue in there, just cut that end of the hose, get another bottle cap and try again!

Hot gluing a rubber hose to a bottle cap
Stick the hose inside the hole and seal the connection with hot glue. Using the dispenser will be cleaner if it doesn’t leak.

That’s it! Now you have your very own blood dispenser for creating puddles of blood under your actors.

How to make the puddle

Using the dispenser is pretty straightforward. It is essentially a funnel for your fake blood.

Firstly, attach the hose to the back of your actor’s clothes (duct tape comes in handy) – or better, run it through their clothes. This way the hose will be hidden even better. Certainly, the end of the hose should be under your actor’s head – that’s where the puddle will form.

transparent hose taped to the back of the head
Duct tape sticks well to the skin and is easy to remove – if the pieces ale small

Next, get somebody to hold the funnel up in the air. Another person should pour the fake blood inside. You may only need one person to do it all, but if you bought the gallon of blood which I mentioned above, then it may be a little tricky.

Pouring fake blood into a funnel
I used raspberry juice, since I didn’t have any fake blood lying around.

Eventually, the blood should be coming out of the other end of the hose. If, however, the flow is too slow, try blowing inside the bottle. It will solve the problem.

Fake blood splatter on the floor
Unfortunately nobody at my house wanted to get dirty for this effect. Maybe that’s because I used the sweet & sticky raspberry juice?
fake blood puddle on dry ground
The hose being transparent makes it easy to predict when to say “Action!”

Did you like this trick? I can assure you that it works, since I used it for a school video once. I will update the article if I find it someday.

Untill next week!