Are you a filmmaker lost in the jungle?

In the jungle of unordered information on the Internet? Are you looking for a hub, where all the helpful information can be found? With filmmaking, videography, cinematography – call it what you want – the place is HERE 🙂

I have been a freelance videographer for several years and from my own experience I know that we often tend to overthink stuff. Therefore, simple problems require us – filmmakers – a lot of time to solve. Up to now I have also shot A LOT of non-commercial, pure fun videos and because of that I know quite a few tricks and tips on how to get your production value UP, while keeping the cost DOWN.

What does it mean?

I’ll be posting tons of helpful tips on how to get different effects done:

  • more quickly,
  • more easily,
  • a lot faster,
  • in a fun way c:

There will also be posts related to everyday problems a videographer encounters, like for example “how to prepare for shooting a corporate video?”

New article will be coming in every week, so stay tuned!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash